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Spring Update

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By Aaron Salvato and Brooklynn Salvato

Hello friends!


Hope you are all doing well! Things are going great over here. We have had some crazy weather! We have had snow, earthquakes and tornadoes, all in 3 months! Never a dull moment in Oklahoma. Okay enough with the small talk about weather.


It has officially been a year since we moved to Oklahoma. It is so crazy to think about all that God has done in this last year and how quickly time seems to pass every year.


Here is a little update on all that has happened over the last few months:


It was a very busy winter for us as you saw in our last update letter. Aaron taught a couple of camps, we spent a lot of time with our community group on a retreat, and we continued in our weekly coffee shop Bible study. It was really cool to be able to go to those camps and be around youth again, it made us miss all of the youth group back at Vista.  We met a lot of awesome leaders and even made a few connections and friendships along the way!


A couple of months ago we launched a podcast network called GoodLion Network. It is a podcast network that produces free, high-quality content that points people to Jesus, encourages the church and equips creatives to reach people through podcasting! GoodLion has already launched 17 shows on the network, with more to come. If you would like to check that out, click on this.


We have seen some growth in the Coffee Shop Bible study! There has been a consistent group of people coming. Most of the people who attend are serving in ministry and need a place to get poured into. We have had some really neat conversations with them about how blessed they are to have a place to discuss the Bible and be encouraged. There is also someone new who has been coming who is a new Christian, he has had a lot of questions for the group about the Bible. Our heart for the study has been to reach young adults in need of  discipleship and encouragement, and that it would impact the unchurched in the area. So its been really cool to see him be encouraged and learn from the other people in the group, while also helping the rest of the group feel refreshed and in community.


Things have been going great in our community group as well. It actually double in size over the last few months, so they had to start a new one! It was hard to see some friends be called to join the new group, but we are so thankful that we have been able to build strong friendships so far while we have been out here. Now that the group is back to a smaller size again, we are looking forward to going deeper in our fellowship with one another. We have recently joined a small leadership team in our group, and we are excited to see how God grows us all closer to Him in this time of fellowship!


Thank you so much for your prayers and support. They mean so much to us. Sometimes in this different season of ministry it can difficult to realize what we are doing actually matters. Not all ministry looks the same, and thats what we have been learning. Our faith has been stretched as we rely on God for everything we need. He never disappoints no matter what season we are in.


Here are a few things you can be praying for:


1. Good Lion Network. Pray that God would lead people to the podcasts who are seeking and looking for answers. Our hope is that it reaches people worldwide. Pray for vision and direction, and where to direct our focus. There is so many ideas we have, it can be overwhelming. We only want to focus our time on the things that God specifically is leading us to. Pray for clear direction.


2. Bible Study. Please pray that the people who are coming will continue to feel at home and encouraged. We also hope to get more people who maybe don’t feel comfortable in a church, would find the Bible study and come to Jesus.


3. Community group and friendships. One of our favorite things since moving here is the friendships we have made. We really hope to continue plugging into this group and that both of us could make deep, life long, encouraging friendships.


4. Family. Being around Brooklynn’s family has been so much fun. We love getting to see them and spend time with them. Would you prayer that God could use us in those relationships as well?


5. Patience and contentment in a different season of ministry. We love everything that we are doing right now. But that doesn’t mean its not easy to wonder if its as impactful as we think. We know the times we doubt are from the enemy! A lot of what we are doing now is planting seeds, but not in person, or is behind the scenes. We also don’t have the job security we once had. So there are lots of different ministry type things, but it doesn’t look like how it was before where we regularly got to disciple and spend time with the same people on a weekly basis. SO its just a different season and we are very thankful for it, and enjoying it! But we have those moments of discouragement sometimes. Please pray that we would rely on God and be faithful with all that He has called us to do. Pray that we would realize how important it all is even when we don’t get to see fruit!


6. Provision. Last year was a great year for us! We got to do SO much ministry because of all the work God was bringing us, as well as many of you who have generously supported us. This year has been a little different. We still have been able to do a ton of ministry but are not getting as much freelance work. So now we are praying to see what God wants us to do next. Going and applying for jobs is an option, but we are afraid it would take away time from so many of the ministry things we just got involved in. But we are open to it, if thats where God leads. Please pray that God would bring us work to do, or give us clear direction on what to do next. We have always had everything we need, so we know God will take care of us.


Thank you friends! Thank you for reading this, for caring about us, for praying, and being apart our journey. We are thankful to have people like you. We love you!



Aaron and Brooklynn Salvato




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