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Prayer Requests and praise reports for the early days of our ministry.

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Hey everyone! Aaron here. Thank you so much for being so supportive of us already. We’ve been overwhelmed to see how much people are behind us with prayer. We know prayer is the #1 most important support we can get, and so we will definitely be asking for prayer as much as we can.

To be honest, this whole transition has been a challenge.

Turns out, setting up a nonprofit takes a ton of time (especially when you’ve never done it before), and on top of the work we are doing with our beloved youth group at CCV, side design jobs we have taken with some clients to help generate some income for the first few months in Oklahoma, a website we have begun to design for free for one of our pastor friends in Ireland and getting ready to move very soon, it feels like we are working several full-time jobs. We are exhausted, overwhelmed, and way out of our league. However, our trust in God grows every day.

He continues to prove Himself to be faithful!

Praise Report: We have started helping
an Irish Church Plant – Calvary Limerick!


Our friend David Cowpar (known as Wavey) is a church planter in Limerick Ireland! He recently graduated from CCBC, and was the intern assistant at Calvary Cork in Ireland. He recently told us that his launch date for his new church plant would be Easter Sunday, and asked us for prayer.

God put a burden on our hearts to help him, so we told him “Wavey, we are gonna get you a website before you launch!”

He was overjoyed. We began working on it during our spare time after work, and it is coming together really well! A local filmmaker in Limerick is even letting us use his drone footage of the city for the front page! If you would like to see the work in progress version of the site, click here.

We Are really blessed that God is providing the time for us to provide this website for free to bless an Irish Pastor. Even in the midst of all the business, it has been a blessing to be able to spend time working on this. We are excited about the future, and providing many more sites like this for missionaries and pastors in 2018! Our great hope is that God will provide both the time and the funds to make this happen.

Prayer Requests

Please be praying for these things for us:

1. Pray that God would help us not to be stressful or anxious.

2. Pray that Brooklynn would be able to sleep better. She has been struggling lately.

3. Pray that we would be able to have wisdom in managing our time.

4. We have so much to do it’s hard to know where to start sometimes. Pray for direction.

5. Pray that we would have time to connect with loved ones before we leave, especially the youth group kids.

6. I am teaching at a youth camp 4 times this weekend. I still have a lot of prep work to do. Please pray that it all comes together! I’ve been so stretched for time.

7. Pray for provision for Hesed Creative.

8. Pray for our friend David Cowpar, his Church in Limerick Ireland launches Easter Sunday! Pray that the website we are building him fully comes together in time for the launch!

9. Pray that we would find the time to connect with Jesus and with each other during this crazy, busy time. Pray for His perfect peace!

10. Pray that God would provide the perfect new Highschool pastor to bless and feed the precious students involved with our youth group, Hope’s Anchor.

11. Pray for our hearts. Saying goodbye to our friends, family, students, and church community at CCV is very painful. We know this is God’s plan, but it’s still very hard.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We love you all. Thank you for joining together with us in this. March is going to be a crazy month, but knowing you are praying for us makes all the difference.

For Christ and His Kingdom

Aaron & Brooklynn Salvato


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