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Rebranding & New Website!

By January 31, 2019No Comments

Hey friends! It’s the start of a new year, and that means new things are happening with Hesed!

First things first, our website is currently down and being reconstructed. The domain won’t be functioning again until next week.

However, you can see the new website at this link!

Check it out and let me know what you think! I’d love your feedback. 🙂

I made the decision to rebrand our website and clarify who we are and what we do.

The first version of the site was centered around telling people our story: why Brooklynn and I were stepping out of our home at Vista, and how God was leading us into nonprofit work.

A lot has happened since then. We have a fairly large portfolio now, and the team is much bigger than just Brooklynn and I.

We decided to rebrand as a nonprofit graphic design agency. Here’s why:

We ran the numbers, and it turns out we are terrible at fundraising.

Last year, only 15% of our income came from donations. (If you are a part of the handful of folks who make up those donations, thank you so much! We appreciate it so much.)

In order to make ends meet and keep the Nonprofit going, we had to go find work in the design world. 80% of our income came from Brooklynn and I working jobs for clients, and 5% came from a few public speaking/preaching jobs I was blessed with.

Miraculously, God provided enough through the client work, and we made it through the year! It was a lot of work and hours, but I reviewed all the time I tracked and while 40% of our hours went to client work, 60% of our time went to running Hesed and doing free design work for churches and missionaries, as well as allowing me to do some preaching ministry at church camps and youth groups!

In addition to all of this, God has opened up a few ministry opportunities through our work with Hesed.

1. Starting a Bible Study in our town for local young adults.

2. Working together with Calvary Global Network to create a Christian Podcast Network! (More details on that to come soon.)

The bottom line is, we want to keep blessing people as much as we can with Hesed, but since currently our funding is just not coming in enough through donors, we need to change our strategy.

  • Hesed’s new website will remain focused on our Nonprofit work, however, we will also allow churches and businesses who are financially capable to hire our services. All income from paid jobs will be used to continue to fuel our work with Hesed.
  • Our new site will also highlight our growing portfolio, as well as our team of designers. We want to take the focus off of just “The Salvatos”, because Hesed has begun to grow into something bigger!
  • We are praying for God to provide a new team-member to Hesed who can focus on the marketing & fundraising aspect of what we do.Brooklynn and I are swamped with admin, designing, managing our volunteers, and also working outside jobs to bring in income. If we had someone who could get our message out to churches and businesses and bring in donors, it would be a game changer. Please pray God sends us someone who can help with this!

Thanks for reading, and for believing in us! We are not gonna give up on what God has put on our hearts. Thank you for the support, love, and prayers!

In Christ

Aaron Salvato


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